University of Florida Substation Six


Due to an ever-growing need for electrical power in the service area of Substation #6, this project was created to increase the capacity of a 10 MVA base 23 kV - 12.47 kV electrical power substation by 50%. The project also included the replacement of all existing aging electro-mechanical relaying and metering with state-of-the-art electronic multi-functional and SCADA capable relaying, as well as master planning an additional 50% substation capacity increase. Moses Engineering was the prime design firm and provided all electrical design, bidding support and construction administration for the project. In order to meet a limited project timeline, Moses Engineering was able to expedite the design phase of the project as well as produce an early bid package for the long lead time power transformer that was required as part of the project. Moses Engineering controlled project costs and kept the project within budget by producing strategic bid alternates ensuring that essential portions of the project were guaranteed to be within budget and awarded.

OwnerUniversity of Florida

Project Size$1.2 Million


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