J. Hillis Miller Health Science Center Communicore ABSL-3 Commissioning


This renovation provided a modern Ag Bio Safety Level 3 (ABSL3) facility with both laboratory and animal holding spaces. The project modernized the existing ABSL3 suite and enlarged it to about 250% of its previous size (from 3,333 net square feet to 8,473 net square feet) by incorporating and renovating existing spaces to modern ABSL3 standards. The program space is comprised of laboratory, procedure, support and ABSL3 animal housing. The primary function of the ABSL3 suite is to provide space that allows secure, safe and efficient use of agents, including select agents, classified as requiring BSL3 conditions. A high temperature alkaline hydrolysis tissue digester for carcass disposal and an equipment decontamination room utilizing vapor phase hydrogen peroxide (VHP) will also be provided. Biometric access control system and a local CCTV security system are also included. Moses Engineering served as the 3rd party commissioning agent on this project. Our firm provided overall direction of the commissioning process during design and construction, particularly providing resolution for issues and providing details that cannot be, or were not, fully developed during design, such as scheduling, participation of various parties of this particular project, actual lines of reporting and approvals, coordination, etc. Testing followed the guidelines established by the BMBL 5th edition and NIH standards of practice. Moses Engineering commissioned the following systems: • HVAC Systems (Includes all supply, exhaust, chilled water, steam, heating hot water and control elements) • Containment and HEPA filtration systems • Access control systems

OwnerJ. Hillis Miller Health Science Center

Project Size8,500 sqft.


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