University of Florida Chemistry/Chemical Biology Building


This Chemistry/Chemical Biology Building provides approximately 112,000 GSF space for modern undergraduate teaching laboratories, classrooms, teaching support, graduate research laboratories, and offices. The facility provides a centralized home for lower-level undergraduate chemistry instruction. It also provides state-of-the-art research facilities for faculty and graduate students working in the areas of chemical biology and chemical synthesis. In addition, the Chemistry/Chemical Biology Building was designed to be functional and inviting, and serve as the Department’s “front door,” through which the Chemistry program is seen by students, the University and the community. The project included HVAC systems that include 100% outside air systems (with energy recovery), fume and general exhaust systems, high density fume hood labs, steam driven heating hot water and domestic hot water systems, various process water loops for research labs, and large generator system supporting the entire facility. Numerous energy efficient elements were incorporated into the design due to the program requirement to achieve LEED Gold certification. Moses Engineering served as lead Cx Authority. The commissioning scope included numerous design reviews, Cx Plan, and Cx specifications, and also included all HVAC systems, lighting control systems, building automation system (Siemens Industry), laboratory control and containment systems, main electrical distribution and generator, and Test, Adjust & Balance verification. Our firm developed pre-functional checklists and functional performance test documentation. Field reports were generated to document all onsite activities that included observations, deficiencies and design questions. All deficiencies were tracked in a master action log that documented issue status, discussions and ultimately tracks closure of issues. Final deliverables included final Cx report and Systems Manual. Moses Engineering also provided post Cx services that included follow-up seasonal testing, energy consumption evaluation, system optimization reviews, continued operation and maintenance training. These services continued through March 2018.

OwnerUniversity of Florida

Project Size112,000 sqft.


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