Mount Sinai Medical Center Central Energy Plant Renovations


The central energy plant serves 12 different buildings and approximately 1,700,000 SF of conditioned spaces. The project reconfigured the central chiller plant with advanced HVAC technologies to support the current and future cooling demands of the campus. The project scope included both new three (3) 350hp gas fired (dual fuel) boilers three (3) new chillers, all new primary and distribution pumps, new electrical gear and updated control system to re-established automation in the plant and a new energy monitoring system to track energy plant efficiency. The water-cooled chillers consist of 3 record breaking 1500 ton high-efficiency magnetic bearing chillers which were the largest on record. Like the chiller portion of the project, three (3) new 350hp high-efficiency boilers are sized to handle the reheat requirements for the entire campus. The upgrades expanded the capacity of the plant to specifically account for a new 350,000 SF patient tower. Moses Engineering managed and coordinated the professional services for this replacement boiler and chilled water system, which included design services (design and construction documents), permit services, bid services, including preparation of documents to be competitively bid, attend pre-bid conferences, answer questions from bidders and evaluate bid proposals, and provided construction administration services. Case Study

OwnerMount Sinai Hospital

Project Size350,000


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