Powertrain Transmission Subassembly CEP and Infrastructure


The project is a chiller and boiler energy plant project in support of the new $150,000,000 Helicopter Power Train Service Facility. The plant was designed as a variable primary flow to support 4,000 tons of chilled water capacity and 12,000 MBH of boiler capacity. The current phase of the project included the installation of two each 1000-ton magnetic bearing chillers, associated cooling towers, associated pumps to serve the building HVAC and two 3,000 MBH boilers with pumps. Moses Engineering was the chiller plant design sub-consultant to Schmidt Engineering. They designed the CEP space which included numerous fan coil units to maintain a tenable environment for operations staff. In addition, the plant was fitted with a large exhaust purge system coupled with a refrigerant monitoring system. The project also included a state of the control system upgrade with advanced control strategies, ensuring optimal run time efficiency and full redundant failure mode recovery sequences. The graphical user interface provided overall system operational data, alarm feedback and the ability to modify rotation schedules and setpoints.

OwnerDepartment of the Navy

Project Size$150 Million


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