Nemours Children's Hospital Re-Commissioning


Re-Commissioning (ReCx) is the process of ensuring that the systems perform interactively and in accordance with the design documents. Nemours Children’s Hospital (NCH) selected Moses Engineering as the Commissioning Authority (CA) to provide re-commissioning services for this 650,000 SQFT facility located at 13535 Nemours Parkway Orlando, FL. Specifically, our Re-Cx services included the following: 1. Central building automation system (BAS) including select sensor calibration evaluation, alarm management and operational sequences. 2. Select heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. 3. Central energy plants chilled and heating water systems. 4. Surgical suite and isolation room pressurization evaluations. 5. Building pressurization evaluation. The commissioning team worked closely with the facility operations staff in an effort to support the various testing activities. The focus of the testing included the HVAC system and building automation system. During the commissioning process, equipment optimization and set up, issues were discovered and in some cases were corrected by internal NCH staff or outside contractors. Many of the noted issues were traced back to the original installation phase of the facility and in most cases could not be attributed to insufficient or faulty maintenance. The issues were classified into three different categories, type 1, 2, & 3. Type 1 issues were items directly affecting the functions of the HVAC system and its ability to maintain a comfortable and clean air environment. Type 2 issues were those that directly impacted the energy consumption of the facility. In some cases, issues were classified as both type 1 and type 2 when the functional deficiency also impacted energy consumption. Lastly, type 3 issues were those classified as diagnostic only issues or issues impacting the staff’s ability to monitor and track the integrity of the HVAC system.

OwnerNemours Children's Hospital

Project Size650,000 sqft.


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