University of Miami Utility Plant 3


Moses Engineering managed and coordinated professional services for this total renovation and replacement of all mechanical and electrical equipment in this critical plant. The University could not tolerate any downtime due to the renovation, so a comprehensive and detailed phasing plan was developed for the project and communicated in the design documents. Scope included design services (design and construction documents), permit services, bid services, including preparation of documents to be competitively bid, attend pre-bid conferences, answer questions from bidders and evaluate bid proposals, and provided construction administration services. The project scope included replacement of the main switchgear with a phasing plan that ensured no downtime of the electrical system. The mechanical upgrades included four (4) cooling towers sized to serve the existing plant chiller tonnage and include capacity to serve added capacity for the replacement of an existing 350T chiller with a new 600T chiller. Pumping systems were replaced and upsized for the expanded capacity and all piping was reconfigured to support redundant and manifolded systems. The cooling towers included a new automatic sweeper system for continuous cleaning of the basin and a total replacement of the chemical treatment system.

OwnerUniversity of Miami

Project Size$2.7 Million


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