Florida State University Research Building


The High-Performance Materials Institute (HPMI) located at Florida State University, is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in developing cost-effective high-performance materials and systems. HPMI uses feasibility analysis, proof of-concept demonstrations and prototype testing to develop innovative technologies and solutions for the design, manufacturing and characterization of advanced materials. The institute has a close working relationship with industry, government laboratories and other academic research groups. This two-story, 46,000 SF research and teaching laboratory houses graduate level materials research programs. The building provides for high bay industrial type space and a machine shop to support prototype manufacturing, as well as conventional wet and dry laboratory spaces. The laboratories include: Characterization (TEM & SEM), VARTM Test Bed, Chemical Analysis, Electrical & Thermal Properties Testing, Nanostructure, Sonification, Mechanical Testing, and a Class 10,000 Clean Room. A five Tesla magnet room was also included. Support spaces include: offices, meeting rooms, atrium/gathering, chemical storage and hazardous waste storage. As consultant, Moses Engineering designed all MEPF systems including central chiller plant, condensing boilers, central fume exhaust, variable volume laboratory controls, process chiller, power, emergency generator and all IT and A/V systems. The design prepared by Moses resulted in a 32% reduction in energy use.

OwnerFlorida State University

Project Size$13,000,000


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