Center for Medical, Agricultural and Veterinary Entomology


The renovation of this 75,000 SF facility included the replacement of one of the two chillers, the addition of “summer” boilers in Building 1 and in Building 11, and the conversion of the constant volume exhaust systems to variable volume exhaust systems with fast acting air valves. The air cooled chiller is a high-efficiency magnetic bearing chiller which is designated as the lead chiller at all times. The high-efficiency condensing boilers are sized to handle the reheat in the summer. Building 1 utilizes four central exhaust fans to serve the laboratories, while Building 11 utilizes individual exhaust fans for each of the laboratories. The laboratories in both buildings were renovated to provide variable volume flow in the laboratories with minimum air flows maintained at all times for safety. These renovations included adding sash sensors to the fume hoods, adding bypass valves to the exhaust systems and replacing all of the supply air valves, the fume exhaust valves and the general exhaust valves. The project included the development of system specific Commissioning Pre-functional Check Lists and Functional Performance Tests to verify that the systems were installed per specifications and were functioning properly. Systems commissioned by Moses included the central building automation system, the laboratory air valves in both buildings, the laboratory air flow setback system, the existing air handling units in both buildings, the new chiller installation and the new boiler installations.


Project Size$1,500,000


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