Bronson Animal Disease Diagnostics Laboratory MEPF Commission


This Commissioning Plan has been developed for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Bronson Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory located at 2700 N. John Young Pkwy, Kissimmee, FL 34741. The commissioning (Cx) process is an integrated set of activities intended to ensure that the project meets both the design goals and the owner’s operational requirements. An owner’s goals and objectives is what drives the project team. The value of Cx lies in its power to verify that those goals and objectives are met and that building systems perform as intended. The Cx Plan is a document that outlines the organization, schedule, allocation of resources, and documentation requirements of the Commissioning Process. The commissioning process assumes that owners, facility programmers, designers, contractors, and operations and maintenance (EOM) entities are fully accountable for the quality of their work. For example, the contractor is responsible for fully constructing, testing, and ensuring that his/her employees’ work has provided the level of quality expected. The Commissioning Authority (CA) then reviews the contractor’s work to verify that it is achieving the Owner’s Project Requirements. If systemic issues of concern are identified, then the contractor is expected to recheck all of his/her work and correct any deficiencies. This quality-oriented commissioning process will provide improved quality and greater cost effectiveness for the life of the facility. Owner has elected to integrate the Cx process into the overall construction process including design, construction, and facility operations. A properly executed Cx process documents and verifies that the Owner’s project requirements are being achieved. The Cx process often leads to fewer change orders, fewer warranty issues, improved planning and coordination, reduced energy consumption, and overall lower operating costs. Another potential benefit of Cx is the occupants’ health and comfort due to better temperature and ventilation control.

OwnerFlorida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Project Size$32k


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